Wednesday, February 08, 2012


So I'm working, in one form or another, on multiple pieces right now and as a consequence I've decided this blog won't be updated once a week from now now. It'll be updated whenever I can (most likely multiple times a week with smaller posts like this.) Because I was doing research for an upcoming story in an upcoming (end of the year upcoming) comic I didn't finish "Man Overboard" or "In Defense. . ." Both are basically ninety percent done but. . .

Since I don't have them to post, like I said I would, here's a scan of a sketch that's kinda research for one of the upcoming stories.

And yes, I'm aware his head is too small.

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Wednesday, February 01, 2012

In Defense. . .

So, I don't know how to rotate a pic. and. . . yeah, just tilt your head to the right or your monitor to the left.

This is what will be written on the piece "In Defense of the Serial Comma; Or, A Good Excuse to Practice Lettering". I may actually use this lettering itself (just cut it out and tap it to another piece of paper) even though it breaks one of my lettering rules twice (yes, I have rules, as any cartoonist should) on the final piece. I don't like when text from one line touches text from another line. (Note: the word "not" touches the 'Y' in "qualify" and later on in the same sentence on the same line the 'I' in "believe" touches the 'Y' in "may").

I'm thinking next Wednesday I'll put up the final versions of this piece and "Man Overboard".

Until then. . .

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Thursday, January 26, 2012

"Poseidon's on a mission. . ."

To quote my good friend Cheech Marin in Ghostbusters 2, when the Titanic docked and started unloading passengers, "Better late than never."

So I missed my once a week post two weeks in. Suffice it to say, so personal stuff happened, I didn't get any comics work done, it's a story, and blah, blah, blah.

Having said that, though, from this point out, once a week, every Wednesday, an update on the comics work I'm currently doing. And speaking of, if you'll look to your left you'll see a drawing you've probably all ready noticed. It's part of what the first (top) panel of the two panel piece "Man Overboard" looks like. I still have to do lots of inking on the sky and some on the water but it's a good eighty-five percent done. That's poseidon there, looking way to stiff, and the words are from the Puscifer song of the same name.

Really, this piece was just something to get going again and work on while working on longer, more seriously work. It also will be the last piece I do at this size (8.5 in x 13 in). I've been rereading Queen and Country by Greg Rucka and rotating line-up of artists and I really liked Carla Speed McNeil's work. I've since picked up The Finder Library vol. 1 and vol. 2 and Finder: Voice and it all has the same dimensions so basically, I measured her pages and increased the dimensions to something I'm comfortable working at.

Anyway, "Man Overboard" should be done this week so expect an update on "In Defense of The Serial Comma; Or, A Good Excuse to Practice Lettering" next week.

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Friday, January 13, 2012

Inkstuds (A Review of Sorts)

So this is the first in the "comics related" posts which will most likely not be on Fridays. Between a post about my comics work on Wednesday and a beer review on CoolGuy Magazine on Thursday I still haven't decided on a day, yet. I'm thinking Tuesday but we'll see. . . Anyway. . .

Inkstuds: Interviews With Cartoonists is a book collecting 27 interviews conducted by Robin McConnell between 2005 and 2009 for his radio show and podcast of the same name. As the introduction by Jeet Heer makes note of, Robin McConnell is not your typical interviewer. In contrast to Gary Groth (Fantagraphics and The Comics Journal founder) who will attempt to read "not just a cartoonists [sic] entire oeuvre but also as many of the earlier interviews" as possible, Robin has a much, much more laid back approach that is more akin to talking with a friend you haven't seen in a while. And while this approach has it's pros (cartoonists can at times be a little more forthcoming and willing to ramble an idea out) it also has the obvious con of repeating topics covered already in previous interviews.

On a whole, though, Inkstuds is a fascinating even if abridged (cartoonists are encouraged to make playlists for the radio program that are also discussed) set of interviews with a bit of a who's who of the current and still up-and-coming "underground" (see: illustrate mostly in black and white and don't write about superheroes) comics scene.


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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Excuses. Excuses.

So, it's Wednesday and that means an update on what comic work I'm currently working on .

I'm actually working on a few things right now but the two I'll mention for this post are "In Defense of the Serial Comma; Or, A Good Excuse to Practice Lettering" and "Man Overboard".

The first, "In Defense. . ." is something that's been bouncing around in my head for about three years now. I've always thought that my lettering could use improvement and now seemed like as good a time as any. The piece is really what the title says it is: a few paragraphs about why the Serial Comma (a.k.a. the Oxford Comma or Harvard Comma) is necessary and should always be used and it's really a really good exercise in lettering. The top scan is a rough, rough, ROUGH, idea for the title. I like the general idea and the fonts / typeface but spacing and neatness need to be improved. As of now, I'm thinking the title will be slightly off center towards the top of the page with four blocks (mimicking panels) of text around it. The "or" by the way, and for those thinking they have seen it before, is from a Rusty Brown piece found in The Acme Novelty Library: Annual Report to Shareholders by Chris Ware. The final version, as of now, will be capitalized just to give that Rocky and Bullwinkle read to it.

The second, "Man Overboard" is actual a piece based on the song Man Overboard by Puscifer (Maynard James Keenan of A Perfect Circle and Tool fame's solo project). It'll be a pretty straight forward take on the song. A two panel page gong vertically with Poseidon in the first (top) panel, a wooden sailing ship in the second (bottom panel) and the words above crossing the two panels.

I liked the linking of youtube videos I was doing to songs that had inspired a piece in some way so as of now I'm going to continue doing it. So, here's a youtube video of Man Overboard by Puscifer:

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Friday, January 06, 2012

Where Did You Go. . . ?

So it's been eight months and a day since I updated this thing and, well, it's a long story and trust me, you don't want to read it.
So let's skip what was and talk about what's to come in fun bullet point fashion!

What's To Come. . .

  • An update once a week (I'm thinking Wednesdays) on whatever comic work I'm currently working on.
  • Another update once a week (I'm thinking I haven't decided on a day, yet) on something comic related i.e. a movie I just saw or am going to see or a comic I just read or am reading.
  • Fixed paypal links so previous comics are actual purchase-able.
  • Tags on all future posts for easy navigating
  • A new picture (because seriously, what is that thing, like four years old?).
  • And some new links.

So that's to come. (There may be other things but I haven't really thought it all out, yet.) Feel free to swing by periodically (say, once a week) and drop a line. Comments are always welcome; but remember, be critical AND constructive.

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Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Lull (Soundtrack)

Technically, this comic / zine is also called Lull but for clarity's sake I'm designating it Lull (Soundtrack). The majority of the pieces in this are inspired, partially, by a song or two, or in two cases entire albums.

Contents at a glance:

I beat Ernest Hemingway's anecdotal shortest complete story ever written by two words. I manage to slip in a reference to Stargate (it's the new Star Trek, after all.) I write what is, perhaps, the first serious "legal page" I have ever written for a comic. And I still maintain my humorous author bio run with an ever increasing degree of detached sangfroid. (I'm not sure that last sentence really makes sense either.)

28 pages