Sunday, November 28, 2010

Preview (Filler Part Deux)

This would be panel three of a five panel piece I'm currently working on that is tentatively titled "When the robots rose up. . ."

I got the idea yesterday while rereading the first six issues of volume three of Powers by Brian Michael Bendis and Michael Avon Oeming (and no, I don't know how to correctly pronounce Michael's last name either.) Specifically, it was issue two where a robot (just go with it) is dropped from a plane. Now, compositionally speaking, this page just wasn't working for me (at least not as effectively as it could have) and that got me thinking about other ways the page could have been composed. Eventually, I ended up thinking about a sequence that is played out with a few variations in Joshua W. Cotter's Skyscrapers of the Midwest and Tom Gauld's art in general.

The actual specifics that lead from one point to the other are still a little hazy (seriously, call a friend up and tell 'em about the last episode of How I Met Your Mother [or any other show that's awesome] and see how many times you have to stop and say, "Wait, before that. . .") but that's what happens.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Paul Allen's Got Nothing on Me.

So I finally received the business cards I ordered about two weeks ago in the mail the other day and here's a photo of two of them (so you can see the front and the back) on an armchair I have in my room that is about thirty years old. (Editor's Note: John is Joe Matt cheap.) (John's Note: I am nowhere near as cheap as Joe Matt -- or at least how he portrays himself to be in his comics -- and I prefer the term "frugal.")

And yes, I am aware that technically that 'M' is an 'N' and so my card doesn't read "Comics" but "Conics" but I've always thought the three arches for M's and the two arches for N's rule was stupid. Plus, you didn't notice until I pointed it out to you anyway.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Of Windmills and Giants

Of Windmills and Giants: The What (Sketches) and Might (Ideas) Have Been of John Hagan 6/27/10 - 9/15/10.

What I'm referring to as a "sketchbook zine of facsimilic proportions!" (Editor's Note: "facsimilic" is not an actual word.) The idea was to draw everyday in my sketchbook for an unspecified amount of time (basically until I ran out of pages -- I know, how Jeffrey Brown of me) and then put the best of in a zine. All pages are unedited in any way with exception to some resizing.

Contents at a glance:

36 pages

The Johns' Comic: Terrific Third Issue

The third, and as of now final (awww), issue of The Johns' Comic (a comic I did with a friend of mine also named John.)
This comic has two "longer" (Editors Note: five and six pages respectively) pieces by my friend and I.

Contents at a glance:

The best pseudo legal page I have written in my life, a dedication to our parents ("because we guess they had something to do with this"), humorous author bios, a government warning, and the return of the infamous Dramatis Titulus (a.k.a. the graphic organizer for graphic literature) page.

16 pages

The Johns' Comic: Number Two

The second comic I did with a friend of mine who also happens to be named John. This, much like the Lull comic I did, is a collection of smaller comics with these either done together or separately. As the title and cover suggest, this comic is overflowing with high-brow humor. An Oprah's Book Club selection -- or so the Oprah's Book Club logo we put on the back implies (Editor's Note: Oprah, please do not sue us; it was done with nothing but love. Oh, and stay big girl.)
Comes in either a red or blue colored card stock cover.

Contents at a glance:

Contains an absurdly self indulgent pseudo legal page, a dedication to ourselves, humorous author bios, and a contents page titled "Dramatis Titulis" that doesn't look a little something like this, it looks exactly something like this:

Get it? It's a graphic organizer for graphic "literature". Seriously, I drew that thing seven times before I was happy with it.

20 pages

Sunday, November 14, 2010


My first "real" mini-comic / zine. (Editor's note: it's the first to have a card stock cover. Ooooohhhh.) This one (and the two Lull comics that follow) were done back when I was using the pen-name "Mark McGuinness." A character who some have pointed out looks kinda like me but who I have pointed out (ad nauseam) isn't.
Eddie Campbell has Alec MacGarry, Kevin Huizenga has Glenn Ganges so I, in my enthusiastic naivety thought, "why not?"
Grand and vague ambitions were wrought in the forming of this comic. Looking back, I'm not really sure what they were but I'm sure they're there.

Contents at a glance:
An adaptation of the song "Good Morning Melody" by Lullatone, an adaptation of the song "I'm a Dime" by Cake, a diary-esque comic, an eight panel joke about two guys, beer, and an attempted suicide, and Mark McGuinness posing as some movie characters.
16 pages.
Hand numbered.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Preview (Filler)

So while I'm still writing up the descriptions to go along with the comics that I'll post up here as well as figuring out pay-pal (computers and I don't get along) I thought I would post a picture of the cover to a zine / comic I'm working on that should be done just before Christmas (hint hint) titled The American Manual Alphabet for Lefties Coloring Book.

That's a wraparound cover with the tree running up and down the spine of the book. I've been wanting to do a wraparound cover for awhile now and no opportunity seemed appropriate until now.

Monday, November 08, 2010

Est. ????