Monday, November 15, 2010

The Johns' Comic: Number Two

The second comic I did with a friend of mine who also happens to be named John. This, much like the Lull comic I did, is a collection of smaller comics with these either done together or separately. As the title and cover suggest, this comic is overflowing with high-brow humor. An Oprah's Book Club selection -- or so the Oprah's Book Club logo we put on the back implies (Editor's Note: Oprah, please do not sue us; it was done with nothing but love. Oh, and stay big girl.)
Comes in either a red or blue colored card stock cover.

Contents at a glance:

Contains an absurdly self indulgent pseudo legal page, a dedication to ourselves, humorous author bios, and a contents page titled "Dramatis Titulis" that doesn't look a little something like this, it looks exactly something like this:

Get it? It's a graphic organizer for graphic "literature". Seriously, I drew that thing seven times before I was happy with it.

20 pages


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