Sunday, November 14, 2010


My first "real" mini-comic / zine. (Editor's note: it's the first to have a card stock cover. Ooooohhhh.) This one (and the two Lull comics that follow) were done back when I was using the pen-name "Mark McGuinness." A character who some have pointed out looks kinda like me but who I have pointed out (ad nauseam) isn't.
Eddie Campbell has Alec MacGarry, Kevin Huizenga has Glenn Ganges so I, in my enthusiastic naivety thought, "why not?"
Grand and vague ambitions were wrought in the forming of this comic. Looking back, I'm not really sure what they were but I'm sure they're there.

Contents at a glance:
An adaptation of the song "Good Morning Melody" by Lullatone, an adaptation of the song "I'm a Dime" by Cake, a diary-esque comic, an eight panel joke about two guys, beer, and an attempted suicide, and Mark McGuinness posing as some movie characters.
16 pages.
Hand numbered.


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