Sunday, November 21, 2010

Paul Allen's Got Nothing on Me.

So I finally received the business cards I ordered about two weeks ago in the mail the other day and here's a photo of two of them (so you can see the front and the back) on an armchair I have in my room that is about thirty years old. (Editor's Note: John is Joe Matt cheap.) (John's Note: I am nowhere near as cheap as Joe Matt -- or at least how he portrays himself to be in his comics -- and I prefer the term "frugal.")

And yes, I am aware that technically that 'M' is an 'N' and so my card doesn't read "Comics" but "Conics" but I've always thought the three arches for M's and the two arches for N's rule was stupid. Plus, you didn't notice until I pointed it out to you anyway.


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