Friday, February 18, 2011

A Little Liquid Courage (Freedom Blade Preview)

So I'm working on the final two pieces for the next issue of Lull ("Death Rays" and "Freedom Blade") and I thought I'd put up a preview panel. Up above there is the first panel to the piece "Freedom Blade". The words (dialogue?) aren't there because one, I don't want to give too much away and two, and most importantly, I haven't written the final version yet. As is the theme (if there can be said to be one) for this issue of Lull the title for this piece is a reference to a song that partially inspired it. And as has become the custom of this blog, here is a youtube video of the band This Will Destroy You performing their song "Freedom Blade" live.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Cover Lull

So I'm hoping to have the next issue of Lull done in time for MoCCA and if all goes as it's currently going I'll actually have it done a few weeks before then. The pic. above is a so-so scan of the cover. I was going for a real simple composition with little hatching (as opposed to some of the interior work.) A real calm, serene scene that pulls (or lulls -- buh-da-bum) you in. All I have left to do now is finish "Death Rays", do the piece "Freedom Blade", and then do lots, and lots -- AND LOTS -- of photocopying, cutting, folding, and stapling.

Monday, February 07, 2011

End of the Road To Nowhere

Title: Road To Nowhere

Type: Standard(?) comic

Located: On the Lull Comics facebook page (link in the sidebar.)

Partially inspired by:

Wednesday, February 02, 2011

On The road To Nowhere (Plus Q's And A's)

Q's:) What happened to Death rays and that comic you were working on The American Manual something or other?

A's:) You mean, The American Manual Alphabet For Lefties Coloring Book? That's next up after I finish the comic book I'm working on now. MoCCA's in April and I'm trying to have this one done by then to hand out to a few people. And Death Rays is the next comic I'll be doing after I finish Road To Nowhere -- the piece I'm currently working on and from where the pic. above comes from.

Speaking of. . . The pic. above is from the two panel piece Road To Nowhere. Once again you can see a heavy Tom Gauld influence here. And yes, once again, the title is a nod to a preexisting piece of music. In this case, it's Road To Nowhere by Talking Heads (not THE Talking Heads.)

And speaking of again. . . here's a vid. of David Byrne playing Road To Nowhere recorded live from somewhere and at sometime.