Wednesday, February 02, 2011

On The road To Nowhere (Plus Q's And A's)

Q's:) What happened to Death rays and that comic you were working on The American Manual something or other?

A's:) You mean, The American Manual Alphabet For Lefties Coloring Book? That's next up after I finish the comic book I'm working on now. MoCCA's in April and I'm trying to have this one done by then to hand out to a few people. And Death Rays is the next comic I'll be doing after I finish Road To Nowhere -- the piece I'm currently working on and from where the pic. above comes from.

Speaking of. . . The pic. above is from the two panel piece Road To Nowhere. Once again you can see a heavy Tom Gauld influence here. And yes, once again, the title is a nod to a preexisting piece of music. In this case, it's Road To Nowhere by Talking Heads (not THE Talking Heads.)

And speaking of again. . . here's a vid. of David Byrne playing Road To Nowhere recorded live from somewhere and at sometime.


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