Monday, March 21, 2011

Locked and Loaded (Death Rays Finished)

So I finished "Death rays" today and begin the last leg of the finish-the-next-issue-of-Lull-by-MoCCA race. All I have left to do now is lots and lots, and lots of photocopying, folding, and stapling. But this isn't a post about that, it's a post about "Death Rays".

Title: Death Rays

Type: From a purely writing perspective I can't help but look at this piece and think, "Wow, t.v.s are like 'death rays'. How'd you come up with that one? Bang your head against a wall for an hour?" From a few other perspectives, not only those of a writing bent, I think it's good.

Located: As always, on the Lull Comics facebook page (link in the sidebar.)

And also as always, here's a youtube video of the album version of the song "Death Rays" by Mogwai. It's the song that partially inspired the piece and is in a way the soundtrack to it. And yes, I know I embed this version once before but I'm not gonna go looking for it -- are you?

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Final Death Rays Preview

So I thought I'd throw up one more sneak peek before the mad dash to finish "Death Rays" by Saturday and the latest issue of Lull by this year's MoCCA Arts Festival.

And since they've finally started performing the song live, or people have finally started uploading the video they took of them performing the song live, here's a youtube video of Mogwai performing their song "Death rays" from which the piece gets its title and was partially inspired by.

Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Brick by Brick (Death Rays Preview Part Two)

So I thought, since a little more work has been done, that I would post another peak at the piece, a preview, of "Death Rays." As you can see by looking at the post from March 5th and this one, I finalized the front door (I think), the windows, and have begun the long task of cross-hatching the building itself in lieu of drawing bricks of some kind.
The large french toast shaped blobs are the cut-outs that will enable the reader to look into the building as well as part of the word balloons. I still haven't begun work of any real kind on the back ground. I am, though, confident I'll have this piece done by March 19th so that it, and about five others, can go up at party / joint birthday party a friend is having / throwing another friend and me.

Saturday, March 05, 2011

Building A Death Ray? (Death Rays Preview)

So I originally posted my initial idea for "Death Rays" way back on January 11th in a post titled "Death Rays?" and if you look back at that post and then at the scan above you'll see that "Death Rays" has changed quite a bit. The original idea was to do something along the lines of what Chris Ware did with his "Big Tex" comics (which were inspired by old Gasoline Alley sunday pages) but with a cityscape. Basically, I was looking to do a knockoff of the page "Life Is But A Dream" (the link there takes you to a pre-colored page) from George Sprott: 1894 - 1975 by Seth but has since morphed into a take, albeit a simplified one, on Building Stories by Chris Ware.

Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Down the Hatch (Freedom Blade Finito?)

Title: Freedom Blade

Type: Silent

Located: On the Lull Comics facebook page (link in the sidebar.)

Partial Background Story: So originally this piece was going to have words. It was going to be bits and pieces, snippets of dialogue really, from a the life of an older gentleman who is the person drinking the glass of alcohol. Basically, I read The Acme Novelty Library Issue 20 (or "Lint" if you're so inclined) by Chris ware and thought to myself that could do something like that. "Freedom Blade" was to be that. To ninety percent of what Chris Ware did in 72 pages in one. Unfortunately, I could never find the right words. I want(ed) a balance to happen between how much the reader is told and how much the reader supplies by him or her self. I guess the final-final (i.e. printed version that appears in the next issue of Lull) version of the piece might have the words but I'm not holding my breath and wouldn't suggest you hold yours.

Partially Inspired By: Since I already posted a video of the boys in This Will Destroy You performing "Freedom Blade" live I thought I'd post a video of the studio version of the song found off the split e.p. "Field Studies" that This Will Destroy You released with Lymbyc Systym.