Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Brick by Brick (Death Rays Preview Part Two)

So I thought, since a little more work has been done, that I would post another peak at the piece, a preview, of "Death Rays." As you can see by looking at the post from March 5th and this one, I finalized the front door (I think), the windows, and have begun the long task of cross-hatching the building itself in lieu of drawing bricks of some kind.
The large french toast shaped blobs are the cut-outs that will enable the reader to look into the building as well as part of the word balloons. I still haven't begun work of any real kind on the back ground. I am, though, confident I'll have this piece done by March 19th so that it, and about five others, can go up at party / joint birthday party a friend is having / throwing another friend and me.


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