Saturday, March 05, 2011

Building A Death Ray? (Death Rays Preview)

So I originally posted my initial idea for "Death Rays" way back on January 11th in a post titled "Death Rays?" and if you look back at that post and then at the scan above you'll see that "Death Rays" has changed quite a bit. The original idea was to do something along the lines of what Chris Ware did with his "Big Tex" comics (which were inspired by old Gasoline Alley sunday pages) but with a cityscape. Basically, I was looking to do a knockoff of the page "Life Is But A Dream" (the link there takes you to a pre-colored page) from George Sprott: 1894 - 1975 by Seth but has since morphed into a take, albeit a simplified one, on Building Stories by Chris Ware.


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