Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Down the Hatch (Freedom Blade Finito?)

Title: Freedom Blade

Type: Silent

Located: On the Lull Comics facebook page (link in the sidebar.)

Partial Background Story: So originally this piece was going to have words. It was going to be bits and pieces, snippets of dialogue really, from a the life of an older gentleman who is the person drinking the glass of alcohol. Basically, I read The Acme Novelty Library Issue 20 (or "Lint" if you're so inclined) by Chris ware and thought to myself that could do something like that. "Freedom Blade" was to be that. To ninety percent of what Chris Ware did in 72 pages in one. Unfortunately, I could never find the right words. I want(ed) a balance to happen between how much the reader is told and how much the reader supplies by him or her self. I guess the final-final (i.e. printed version that appears in the next issue of Lull) version of the piece might have the words but I'm not holding my breath and wouldn't suggest you hold yours.

Partially Inspired By: Since I already posted a video of the boys in This Will Destroy You performing "Freedom Blade" live I thought I'd post a video of the studio version of the song found off the split e.p. "Field Studies" that This Will Destroy You released with Lymbyc Systym.


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