Friday, January 06, 2012

Where Did You Go. . . ?

So it's been eight months and a day since I updated this thing and, well, it's a long story and trust me, you don't want to read it.
So let's skip what was and talk about what's to come in fun bullet point fashion!

What's To Come. . .

  • An update once a week (I'm thinking Wednesdays) on whatever comic work I'm currently working on.
  • Another update once a week (I'm thinking I haven't decided on a day, yet) on something comic related i.e. a movie I just saw or am going to see or a comic I just read or am reading.
  • Fixed paypal links so previous comics are actual purchase-able.
  • Tags on all future posts for easy navigating
  • A new picture (because seriously, what is that thing, like four years old?).
  • And some new links.

So that's to come. (There may be other things but I haven't really thought it all out, yet.) Feel free to swing by periodically (say, once a week) and drop a line. Comments are always welcome; but remember, be critical AND constructive.

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