Wednesday, February 01, 2012

In Defense. . .

So, I don't know how to rotate a pic. and. . . yeah, just tilt your head to the right or your monitor to the left.

This is what will be written on the piece "In Defense of the Serial Comma; Or, A Good Excuse to Practice Lettering". I may actually use this lettering itself (just cut it out and tap it to another piece of paper) even though it breaks one of my lettering rules twice (yes, I have rules, as any cartoonist should) on the final piece. I don't like when text from one line touches text from another line. (Note: the word "not" touches the 'Y' in "qualify" and later on in the same sentence on the same line the 'I' in "believe" touches the 'Y' in "may").

I'm thinking next Wednesday I'll put up the final versions of this piece and "Man Overboard".

Until then. . .

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